Medicated Monday: Darth Vader OG [Strain Review]

Name:  Darth Vader OG

Dispensary/Menu:  Westside Care Givers (WCG) /Current Menu

Type:  Indica – Kush X Afghani cross

Price:  $35 per 1/8

Appearance:  Beautiful dark purple buds gives this indica strain its unique “dark-side” name. The dark purple buds are fairly compact, but by no means small and are tinged with amber/red hairs. The bud leaves are covered with milky golden trichromes.

Smell:   The scent of Darth Vader is sweet with a slight sour smell to it. You smell the strong scent of grapes or what some people refer to as “that purple smell”.

Taste:  Upon inhalation, Darth Vader has a uniquely characteristic “skunky sweet” taste with sweet grapes being the dominant taste upon exhalation. Very pleasant with virtually no harshness and no bad aftertaste that some strains can have.

Buzz Type:  Definitely a heavy hitting Indica type of feeling. You get a sense of well-being and feel deeply relaxed that hits you instantly. A full body cloudy high that leaves you with little motivation to accomplish anything but sleep, so it’s best not to use this strain during the day unless you plan on checking out the inside of your eyelids for a few hours.

Buzz Length:  A solid two to three hours which is great for buds/flowers.

Medicinal Use: Induces sleep, reduces insomnia and hyperactivity. Darth Vader is a great strain for restless leg/arm syndrome that some users get from other “purple” strains. It can also be used when you have trouble eating. This strain is an appetite inducer, which can be good for chemo patients. Reduces stress anxiety but shouldn’t really be used during the day.

Personal Comments: I often have a difficult time going to sleep quickly. I’ll lay there tossing and turning because my mind is still on full blast but my body is tired. Darth Vader is a wonderful strain for turning off the light upstairs in your brain when your body leaves it on! It instantly relaxes both my mind and my body…it synch them so to speak. It’s a pretty popular strain like many other “Star Wars” strains are. I definitely recommend trying a puff if you get the opportunity.

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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