Medicated Monday: Strain Review: Delta559’s Bogglegum

Name: Delta559‘s Bogglegum

Grade: A+

From: Harborside Health Center in San Jose. (Twitter and Facebook)

Type: A premium Indica dominant strain paying homage to some excellent strains like Pre ’98 Bubba Kush and BOG’s Bubble Gum.

Lineage: From

DELTA559’s Bogglegum was developed in the heart of California by a wonderfully curious closet breeder… Andy (559 Da’Edge), and was gifted to a then unknown garden DELTA9CALIFORNIA.

The strain started as a Pre’98 Bubba Kush female that was very well rounded but came a little short of having awesome flavor and bouquet. The original Pre’98 Bubba was crossed with a male BOG Bogglegum Kush with the hope of deepening the bouquet and increasing the fullness of flavor. Subsequent plants gave glimpses of both parents but didn’t adequately create the wanted “Five” (Flavor, Potency, Bouquet, Visual Appeal, and Structure). With hopes of remedying this, a male of the then created “Bubba’Gum” was crossed back to a Bogglegum female once more… It was then that many of the seeds from this cross started to show promise. Many of the first seeds showed four (maybe four and a half) of the five wanted qualities… until one day, one plant stood out as special and so cuttings were made… this was the ONE!

This final plant had all of the qualities of the original plant’s potency, visual appeal, and structure… but now had a rich, deep, strong bouquet and a full, rich flavor!

The name Bubba’Gum did not seem appropriate given the lineage and the fact that this was ONE special plant, a true F1 phenotype. The decision was made to pay homage to BOG so the name Bogglegum would stay, and with Andy’s blessing, an added DELTA9 in front it. DELTA9 Bogglegum.

In 2010 Andy past away and with him

    the future of so many great strains died. It then became important to find a way to tie him in more closely to the strain he had created. Andy was a native of Central California and a proud resident of the 559 area code. The decision was made to drop the 9CALIFORNIA from DELTA9CALIFORNIA and add 559 in its place to pay homage to our friend.

Cost: $17/g, $60/8th

Looks: The first thing you notice when admiring these precious buds is the large coat of clear and slightly amber trichomes. The coat of large trichs give the appearance that the buds are covered in fuzzy white fur accompanied with whipsy dark orange hairs. Underneath the stoney coat is a bulbous bud structure with spikey tops and dark, rich green & royal purple color all throughout.

Scent: The dominant scent is a sour Pre ’98 Bubba Kush scent that grabs your nose and doesn’t let go! The difference in the Bogglegum’s aroma is there is a much sharper, more menthol like tone to the sourness. Also noticeable is a strong purple undertone that just rings grapes. The medley of smells makes for an out of this world stench that makes the mouth water!

Taste: The inhale out of my HiSi Hex Beaker Bong gave me a smooth, sweet & smokey flavor that was pleasant and made me wish I could take a bigger hit. The exhale also came with a smooth earthy, sweet touch to it that is reminiscent of the Pre ’98 Bubba or BOG’s Bubble. With no harshness whatsoever this is a strain you would easily want to smoke all day were it not such a heavy Indica!

High: A truly Indica dominant high that allows the mind to wander while the body melts in relaxation. With two small bowl to the dome I was soon in a sense of hazey euphoria in a matter of 15-20 minutes. While mentally I was calm and in a bit of a daze my body became numb without me noticing immediately. My persistent ankle and wrist pains were instantly relieved, but went unnoticed due to the powerful heady narcotic like effect of this most excellent medicine!

Buzz Length: An impressive flower time length of 2 hours, though the initial heaviness will wear off after about an hour the effects will clearly linger for about another 60 minutes afterwards.

Medicinal Applications: As a heavy Indica I would recommend this for patients suffering from insomnia, ADHD, appetite deficiency, severe & chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and anger issues. This is the ideal strain for patients who wish to calm the mind and numb the body. This is the ultimate relaxant!

Overall: The California medical cannabis scene has raised the standards of what quality cannabis is not only in the state but in the nation. Delta559’s Bogglegum, which is Clean Green Certified, is the perfect example of top grade cannabis reaching a new height. The buds of this strain are absolute pieces of artwork, with the artisans being the caring, loving growers & breeders who helped raise this fine flower. Proper medicine grown by patient caregivers who’s priority is producing the purest, most potent, and pristine medical cannabis a patient could hope to find. Thanks to the Delta559 crew for not only helping this amazing flower flourish, but also for simply going as far as to share this exotic flower with fellow medical cannabis patients!

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Author: SuperXinck420

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