Medicated Monday: Strain Review: Lemon Remedy

Name: Lemon Remedy (2nd place winner in the CBD Cup at the 2012 High Times San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup)

Grade: A

From: Harborside Health Center in San Jose (@HHCSJ on Twitter, Facebook)

Cannabinoids: 9.76% THC, 9.31% CBD Test results provided by Steep Hill Labs.

Type: (S/I) A sativa dominant, but exceptionally well balanced, hybrid flower.

Cost: $17/g ($18.91 with tax), $60/8th ($66.75 with tax)

Looks: The Lemon Remedy from Harborside is a unique appearing strain in the high CBD family. The bud color is a rich lime green bunch of calyxes, appearing very much sativa in structure. The lighter under bud and amber trichs give this cannabidiol rich sativa a golden glow that is seen only in high CBD strains. The bud is so consumed in sticky trichomes it’s as if it was dipped in a pool of trichomes before being bagged. One of the most interesting visual traits was the patches of some of the darkest hairs I’ve ever seen on green bud. Close up it was clear the hairs were a shade of orange, but so dark they were almost a dark brown.

Scent: It’s my experience that when it comes to high CBD meds the flowers seem to have a completely different and unique terpene profile or scent than any other strain. The smell fresh out of the mylar bag was a rich and sweet lemoney kush, like a sweeter cut of OG like Northern Kush or Larry OG. The aroma, like other high cannabidiol strains, is a more floral scent than your common cannabis. The lemon scent isn’t that like a lemon pledge or pine-sol, it is an extremely clean and natural lemon aroma.

Taste: A few bowls out of the good ol’ HiSi Hex bong of Lemon Remedy resulted in some of the loveliest smoke I’ve ever had the pleasure to inhale. The initial flavor on the tounge is mild kush flavor which is also present on the exhale. There is a somewhat smokey touch to the taste but lemoney kush dominant. The smoke was incredibly smooth, and the feeling of the smoke in my lungs was one of the most pleasant feelings I have ever had!

High: This is definitely not your dad’s weed, it’s something completely different. The buzz starts with a slight head change, a bit of mood elevation but not much else. What comes next is a crashing wave of pain eradication and ache numbing all throughout the body. There was hardly a single pain in my body which is riddled daily by sports injuries. While there was no real head effect my nerves were extremely calm and mind was stress was quelled extremely well. This is true medicine.

Buzz Length: The buzz length was just over an hour, for the high price of the med I was pleased with the effect but not so much with the buzz length.

Medicinal Applications: The Lemon Remedy from Harborside Health Center in San Jose is truly your remedy for any kind of pain you may be suffering from, mentally and physically. The high CBD strains are a staple of the medical marijuana community, representing the efforts of patients seeking the most medicinally beneficial strains through the laws set in place by state voters. The price may be a little high, but it is well worth the overall result once you introduce CBD into your body. With so much THC being pumped into our systems these days it’s a lovely break from the norm getting to exposure your cannabinoid receptors to the gift of nature that is CBD.


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Author: SuperXinck420

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