Medicated Monday: Strain Review: Pure Kush (S/I)

Name: Pure Kush

Grade: A

From: Platinum Clouds Collective in San Jose, CA.

Type: (S/I) A Sativa heavy/heady kush with appetite stimulating Indica efffects.

Cost: $39/8th, $75/Quarter (On sale)

Looks: I visited Platinum Clouds Collective for the first time after hearing about their top shelf specials where certain 8ths were only $39 & quarters for $75, not bad collective prices for top shelf bud. So when I first laid my eyes upon this radiant bud I was excited and a little surprised by the quality. The buds shout out at you with a light/lime green base color. The trichomes dusted all over the fox tail shaped buds varied in color from crystal clear to slightly yellowed. Although the highlight was the very dark, very burnt orange patches of hair

Scent: The aroma off this bud was my favorite attribute of this excellent strain. The extremely pungent pine scent just screamed “OH-GEE!”. The sourness of the scent was less of a lemon type, and more of a sour skittles sharp and sweet type of smell. I was surprised at the lack of lemon scent that often accompanies the piney scent, but I definitely wasn’t mad at the sour candy undertone!

Taste: The inhale of the smoke was notably clean but lacking of a piney taste. As the smoke filled my lungs a pleasant warming sensation began to fill my body instantaneously. As the smoke began it’s exodus on the exhale, there it was, the sweet piney flavor flowed over my taste buds and left a huge smile on my face before the effects of the THC even began to kick in.

High: As the buzz began to set in I could feel my head begin to feel cushioned from the inside. Like my head was filling up with helium I became happy as well as plenty hazy. There wasn’t much of an Indica effect besides the extreme case of the munchies that kicked in as soon as ten minutes after toking a few bowls with a buddy. The sativa effects continue with an uplifting euphoric sensation that definitely left me feeling up in the clouds.

Medicinal Applications: The anxiety annihilating and mind calming effects of the strain made this one of my favorites out of a few I recently picked up. It’s isn’t the raciest Sativa buzz I’ve had from a Sativa dominant Kush, but often times that’s what is ideal when looking for a strain to medicate with throughout the day or before work. The buzz will alleviate mental stress and leave you feeling lifted while still allowing you to function. An excellent choice for patients suffering from anxiety, stress, appetite suppression, anger, ADHD, ADD, headaches, and other cerebral issues.

Overall: With what seems to be rising prices and depleting options in local medical cannabis collectives I was extremely pleased to find a recently opened collective selling high grade cannabis at very fair prices. I picked out four eights for $156 total, a bit more than I originally wished to pay for a half ounce, but overall price was much cheaper than most other collectives. The Pure Kush was my absolute favorite resulting in it being my selection for this review. This bud had everything you could possibly ask for: from the eye popping colors of the bud and hairs to the nose grabbing aroma once you finally open the bag left me wishing I would’ve grabbed one more eighth of this awesome strain! In the end the most important factor of the bud is it’s potency and cleanliness. In this case the potency greatly exceeded my initial expectations, and the light grey ash left over in by bowls revealed a proper flush of the strain when being grown. Meaning that there was little to no residual nutrients left in the flower, and I was getting the cleanest smoke possible. After this Pure Kush has definitely made my list of top notch strains!

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Author: SuperXinck420

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