Medicated Monday: (Strain Review) Sage & Sour Kush (S/I)

Name: Sage & Sour Kush (S/)

Grade: A

From: Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose, CA

Cannabinoids: 25.86% THC

Type: (S/I) A Sativa dominant hybrid with well balanced genetics.

Lineage: (S.A.G.E. x Sour Diesel)

Cost: $17/1g – $60/8th

Looks: This was my first time trying this strain, each time I’ve seen it pop up on local dispensary’s menus it sells out in a day or so and it always top shelf. The 8th I received was made up of calyx shapes, reach green buds furry with some of the darkest orange hairs I’ve ever seen on flower. Even the smaller buds were very well developed and arrowhead shaped. The dark evergreen color of  the nug coupled well with the massive amount of yellowed, stocky trichomes covering this sticky bud. The color tone on the inner buds is the exact opposite of the outer layer, a much ligher like green color that’s rich with even more trichomes.

Scent: When you crack open the jar there’s a rush of piney Kush coupled with a J1 like overwhelming sourness. The cure on this Sage & Sour Kush was absolutely perfect, breaking up the buds for the grinder revealed it was dry, but not too dry, and sticky with well developed trichomes. After grinding some up the smell became dominantly sour with a bite of lime. Distinctly different from a lemon like sourness as lime has that extra bite. This melange of aromas is only similar to one other strain: Jillybean in all its citrusy dankness.

Taste: When I get premium grade flower like this I like to smoke it exclusively out of my bong. Each bowl the inhale was mostly a clean earthy flavor with a slight sourness. The exhale brought back along with it the sour flavor with evergreen undertones.

High: After a few hits off the first bowl I was a but worried this strain would be a dud as the high hadn’t really hit me yet. But not 5 minutes later was my head lighter than air with a big shitty grin on my face. The Sativa buzz is so strong you don’t notice your body melding as one with the couch. My arms became very light, almost numb. Both the Indica and Sativa effects were incredibly strong, but the Sativa utterly overwhelmed the Sativa.

Buzz Length: The buzz wasn’t the longest, but wasn’t short at all. After just one generous sized bowl to the dome I have a steadily strong head high for about an hour and a half before I noticed any signs of sobering up.

Medicinal Applications: Excellent for treating any type of mental stress, anxiety or anguish. Like explained previously the Indica body relaxing/numbing effects is excellent for anyone looking for pain relief for sleep aides.

Overall: Sage & Sour Kush was an amazing strain that I was blessed to find in a time where it’s hard for patients who have always sought out new strains to find something they have never tried that truly meets their high standards. This strain truly had it all: Looks, smell, taste, and buzz.The smell was unique yet familiar, the look was unlike anything else I had seen recently, and the buzz was on par with some of my favorite Sativas! Thanks to Elemental Wellness Center for having a large stock I was able to get my hands on this potentially new favorite strain of mine.

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Author: SuperXinck420

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