Medicated Monday: Strain Review: Sour Jack

Name: Sour Jack

Grade: B-

From: Platinum Clouds Collective in San Jose, CA. (Twitter & Facebook)

Cannabinoids: No test results provided.

Type: (S/I) A LOUD sour reeking Sativa dominant hybrid uniting two classic strains.

Lineage: Sour Diesel x Jack Herer

Cost: $50/Quarter (With special text coupon, normally $80)

Looks: The color and bud structure of this batch of Sour Jack gave away the genetics before I could check the other attributes, with lime green nugs, calyx/torpedo shaped nugs and curly orange hairs all throughout the flowers. The large clear colored trichomes, and their large numbers, were what initially won me over with this strain. At first glance this looks like an excellent batch of flower that could be on many collectives’ high grade or top shelf. The one thing I did not discover until coming home and more closely inspecting the buds was the excessive dryness of the buds. They weren’t absolutely dried out, but there was a clear stiffness and I was able to crumble down nugs with one hand due to it’s brittleness. This was a huge disappointment due to the buds visual appeal.

Scent: A piercingly sharp sour smell is the signature aroma of this strain. There is what seems to be a dominant Jack Herer aroma, with the tail end of the super sour smell being noticeably sweet. After bathing my nose in the ground bud there was also a distinctly citrusy orange fruity smell that I believe is brought about from the two extremely sour terpene genetics, from the Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, which also enhance the sweet touch of the Herer.

Taste: The smoke from this batch of flower, smoked several different ways, all yielded the same smoky and earthy average flavor. This made me wonder if a proper flush was conducted on this plant at the end of the grow cycle, especially since there was such a strong sour smell on the surface of the buds. When the bowl was all burnt up the remaining ash was light grey, almost white, which usually indicates a fully flushed plant. Needless to say I was let down by the lack of sour flavor that reeked off of the flowers, teasing me! That being said, the smoke was fairly clean tasting and very smooth on both the inhale and exhale.

High: The buzz from the flower was not the strongest, but absolutely worth it for the price. I’d say this was a mid-grade Sativa buzz that seemed to be exclusively located in the head. A uplifting, mood enhancing feeling is the main high from this strain, which makes it excellent for day time smoking, and because it’s not an overly potent strain you could smoke on this all day and be perfectly functional. Even with fat bong rips the head rush was rather calm with some slight pressure at the forehead, although most times medicating with this strain I did receive a wicked case of the munchies.

Buzz Length: An average length of about an hour and a half was how long my buzz lasted after either smoking a few good sized bowls to the dome or smoking a king size RAW to the face. I really wish the buzz could have lasted a bit longer, but with my combined high tolerance, and the lack luster potency of this flower the result was my buzz being shortened. But with a quarter for $50 I had plenty to smoke for a few days.

Medicinal Applications: This is an excellent med for patients seeking mood elevation and stress/anxiety relief, especially those worried about the potential mentally aggravating effects of stronger Sativa meds. This is one pure Sativa strain that you can smoke on the entire day without feeling “racy” or “paranoid” in the mind, or just too high for some. This is also a solid choice for cancer or AIDS patients seeking a strain with appetite stimulating effects that won’t make you drowsy.

Overall: This was not the most impressive Sour or Jack hybrid I have ever seen, but there were a few impressive aspects. The looks of the strain were fairly attractive with the clear trichome content, although the buds were overly dry. The smell from the buds was absolute SOUR, making me believe that the mouthwatering aroma would transfer into the taste, although sadly it did not. The white/grey ash seemed to reveal a clean flush of the flower, but alas the flavor was just so lacking, and the high, while decent, was weaker than expected. At the end of the day I’d have to say I was pleased with the flower overall, but only because I paid just $50 for the quarter with a mention of their text deal of the day. Regularly the quarter is $80, and I definitely would have upset would I have paid full price for this flower, but when other collectives charge $50 for a quarter of outdoor or shake this was definitely a very good deal. I wonder if the flower wasn’t so dry the flavor and overall quality would have been greater, but alas this was a batch of flower where I definitely got what I paid for. They almost always have solid sales on good flower over at Platinum Clouds Collective in San Jose, CA., so if you’re a patient on a budget looking for some kind flowers without breaking the bank give Platinum Clouds’ weedmaps page a looks or sign up for their exclusive text deals!

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Author: SuperXinck420

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