The Art Of Sending Marijuana By Mail

Sending marijuana by mail can be the easiest but one of the most stressful ways of distributing marijuana. You have to worry about only two things while sending marijuana. Getting caught is obviously the biggest threat. Breaking federal and state laws are no joke. You'll be looking at some jail time. Unless, you're loaded with cash and know the right lawyer. The second thing is your package getting lost. You're out of that weed and possibly more money. When you're package is lost, I would recommend not sending another package to that address for awhile. You never know what the authorities could be doing about it.

Once you get over the nerve racking feeling of getting caught and losing your product, that's when you start having fun with it. If you have sent marijuana through mail then you know this feeling. Packing up freshly smelling marijuana buds to send to a friend or customer. Sending to a friends always seems more fun because one can choose a ton of nice buds for them to test. It does make it more work to send because of the way you have to package it. If you're just sending one single strain it'll be simpler to do. I'm going to go over a list of things you need to know to get your marijuana safely to its destination. From whom to send the package with to how to actually package it out.

A special thanks to for their online book called How To Ship Weed: An Insiders Guide. Also for their book to help the person I know ship marijuana. Almost everything in this article was learned from this book. You can purchase their book HERE.


Sending marijuana saw an 84 percent increase from 2007 to 2008 and a 180 percent increase from 2008 to 2009.  43,403 lbs of marijuana was seized by inspectors at the postal service in 2009. They now have profiliers that look for suspicious packages that may contain marijuana or any controlled substance. Here are a few things not to do when sending through mail.

Package Don'ts:

1. Don't have your seams heavily taped.

2. Do not reuse a previous package.

3. Obliviously it shouldn't smell like marijuana.

Label Don'ts:

1. Hand writing the address.

2. Misspelled names or address.

3. False return zip code/fictitious address.

Now that you know what not to do when shipping marijuana. Here are things you need to do with you package and labels. Make sure you do all of these to your best ability. These things are the difference from your receiver smoking your weed or ending up in court.

1. Package your marijuana in a few layers of bags. The first bag should contain the marijuana. That bag should be sealed as tight as possible. Using a vacuum seal bag is recommended for this.

2. Each additional bag over the marijuana should be washed with soap and water every time after adding another bag around the marijuana. That prevents any small trace of marijuana at all.

3. Do not add masking scents. Dogs smell all scents. No scents cover up another.

4. Make sure you are using a brand new box.

5. Purchase shipping label.

6. If a return address is required. Use a business name and not an individuals name.

7. Use priority mail and pay with cash.

8. Send package via USPS.

Best to worst in shipping companies.


Pros: cheap, fast and no return address needed. Con: FBI Juristriction

2. UPS

Pros: Private Company. Cons: Employees steal and return address required.

3. FedEx

Pros: Private company. Cons: Employees steal a lot and return address required.

Be safe Greenies.

Author: MisterMaryJane

I type stuff on a computer. - @MisterMaryJane

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  • keepit

    I do not think an article like this is the best look for you guys…

    • Green

      It’s part of the marijuana industry and is public knowledge.

      • rachelastetevasquez

        good on you for standing your ground. I for one, was looking this up to help my sister across the country out. Some people are so touchy. Don’t like it? Turn the other cheek!

        • Green

          Thank you. I’m just trying to help people get medication they deserve.

          • mike

            I know ppl who have been doing this for yrs. But the problem now is employees stealing the contents and delivering empty boxes or just not delivering them at all.

          • Green

            Yes, that is what I was thinking of too. But that all the more reason to make your package smell proof.

  • keepit

    this has to be a joke!

    • Green


      • Already Did

        The obvious reasons are that it was posted on april 1st and that the punishment deff outweighs the worth. In the case that you have nothing left to loose go for it.

        • Andy Price


  • Kkkkl

    Why are you posting this? Does it make you feel cool helping others break the law and possibly get caught because they think it’s easy? Take this off

    • Green

      You’re breaking the law every time you buy, use or sell marijuana under federal law. So, no this does not make me cool This post helps people get medication or recreational marijuana easily and safely.

    • I give lessons for free

      The problem isn’t breaking the law, is the law itself, go search and make you less idiot, consumming what we want is a civil right, why it is a crime consumming drugs and not selling or consuming, for example, rats poison ? Buddy, when DEA was created by Richard M. Nixon the White House had proofs that cannabis was, I quote, a ‘harmless drug’. You’re a damn hater that follows what government says without doubting a little, as Tupac Shakur said “We got money for wars, but can’t feed the poors”, in 2009 DEA had a budget of 3 billion dollars, isn’t more important to spend that kind of money is health, education and poverty ? 3 billions is enough money to help a lot of peoplein almost every sort of problems…
      The law was created for getting money, since money means power for some.

      • Green

        Government is a business not a charity. Appreciate the words.

  • raj

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  • mrems

    This has to be a joke, theres no way you could get away with this. Even if you could, why risk it anyway? Why cant your friend just hit up his local dealer if he needs some herb? lol

    • Green

      Some places don’t have good weed. If you live in North Dakota where the weed might not be as strong. A friend could use some strong herb. Not saying ND has bad weed because I don’t know. I was just using it as an example.

      • queserasera

        HAHAHA> I love the fact the very state I am sitting in complaining about how the “good” is crap and would be considered junky garbage else where- is the exact state you called out…. By the way lived here all my life and the weed here does suck, If you are lucky to find any at all. People will say well you haven’t smoked mine but chance our I have in my search for something decent.

        • Green

          Just my luck.

          • PDXBUDZ

            this validates this because QueSeraSera would want to leave and talk to the local dealer lol.

  • Westside

    Im in San Diego,ive got the dankest shit “Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG etc.. i would post up pics but i feel like thats to hot if u know what i mean.. if you need anything email me and maybe ill give you my number

  • Cali

    THE ONLY LEGIT CONNECTION IVE HADE! Has both Sativas, and Hybrids. He’ll send u pics and all the information for a safe Delivery.

    • skee

      anywhere in the country?

      • Ben Hennessy

        3 months ago? Either he’s a scammer or he’s been busted by now.

        • Shaun Snyder

          or the feds…

  • fuck you

    you’re an idiot for posting “useful” information and never having done it
    smoke more weed turtle, smoke more weed

    • Lenny

      The show ended with Turtle being a millionaire… just saying…

    • Green


  • joe420

    Thankyou for being so honest and detailed. You are doing a public service. I commend you. No sarcasm!

    • Green

      You’re welcome.

  • Aerion

    If people have read the declaration of independence, they know it is our patriotic duty to disobey laws which are unjust. Therefore there is nothing immoral or imprudent about this article. Haters can eat this white man’s black cock. Thanks for the info btw.

  • Olive Hope

    Firstly, Thank you. Very thorough & thoughtful. But I have some questions..Do the packages being sent through USPS x-rayed? Once I zip tight them, should I conceal them in a jar, wrap them in clothing, or something?

    • Green

      From my knowledge, they don’t go through an X-Ray. Always do what you can to conceal the smell. If a dog smells it, they’ll find it regardless if it’s wrapped in clothing.

      • jaycaliraised13

        As Long As A Package Weighs Less Than 5lbs They Don’t X-Ray It

  • Don’t Try It

    I wonder who’s gonna check the date.

    • Green

      The date?

      • ChiTownSounds

        the date it was posted

  • disqus_Q1u6bzglfM

    i put my comment on tumblr but i’ll paste it here too

    in my opinion, in states that dont have medical and/or recreational laws, mailing completely messing everything up. it kills the local markets, in terms of loyal dealers/growers who have never had a problem before (knock on wood).

    and most times its inexperienced people doing this because they ‘have a boy in Cali’ that could save them 2-$600 dollars, causing a bigger threat and more attention from authorities on both ends. but the savings just aren’t worth it, in my opinion.

    over the last 7 years i’ve been knowing ppl that get stuff in the mail and just about every single one got popped or their ‘boy’ got popped on the other end. i have a boy right now that has been waiting on a package for 2 weeks now. and then when you factor in actually transferring money over, someone is eventually gonna get screwed.

    • Green

      Thank you sir. I responded on tumblr about.

      • sky

        Is it safe if its being sent from indiana to alabama

    • Grayfox#1William Mullins

      I had thought of getting some from some that have posted Medical Weed,But in my mind I See A Red Flag Glowing at me.and Loud Voices Saying Federal Conspiracy Charges,,I am a Cancer Patient,and am legit for it,but Live in Florida,they keep telling me its ok but I keep Smelling Sh%#,can anyone tell me if it would be legal to get it in Florida,I dont know any Legal way,and I wouldnt live a Jail term out.Please Help,you have seemed to have answered my Question,where everyone was caught.would this be the case now.

      • Robert Fletcher

        Glad I’m from Michigan we got that good …n it don’t take much to get a card….I could walk in to an office….fart and get a med card for having gas…everyone grows here as well.. And Prices are half what Denver and Cali charge

        • Bigbob30

          Hi, I live in Chicago , I wanted to know for me , what is the easiest way for me to get a medical card so I can go to some of the smoke shops in Michigan ?

      • joey

        Hi yes it is legal in florida to smoke / grow your own weed if you have an illness like cancer not a lot people know that this law has been around sine 1980s!!!!! Please look it up and start smoking in florida!!!!

  • Bigdro

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    • smoke one

      Just sent you a email

      • ThankGod

        Yo my man my email is acting up if you’d like you can hit me at or thru text at 4154890977
        Thank you God Bless

    • ronaldo almeida

      Does anyone know of he’s legit

      • Green

        I wouldn’t trust them.

        • Joob


          • Xyreus Kahn

            People are so stupid these days. Gee, swap numbers and email addresses on a blog regarding drug trafficking, with a total stranger during a time where federal phone tapping and privacy invasion is at historical “high (no pun intended)! I mean really??? Where do you think the police go on the internet to “set people up” for evidence used in support of a prosecution? Haven’t u ever watched “To Catch a Predator” on Dateline NBC? It’s called BLOGGING. The funny part is that NEITHER of you can be sure if EITHER one of you actually is an undercover law enforcement officer, lookin’ to bag one more easy catch to add to his score card. As far as the stupidity of your exchange of personal information publicly, looks you guys are in a bit of an ironic “Mexican Stand-off”. Be very careful… Just to add some more comedy to this scenario, the person (below) proclaiming a rant along the lines of the Declaration of Independence, well, the Declaration was from the 1770’s and primarily a documentaion proclaiming soverignty from Britain. It was more about taxation, not about smoking marijuana… Don’t send weed in the mail. Don’t ask a total stranger from a unanimous blog to help you in anyway that incurrs a “swap of personal information”, for the sake of sending it in the mail. Find a CLOSE family member who is a cop, or anyone with retired K-9 dog, AND EXPERIMENT with it…find out the TRUTH.

        • V

          why wouldn’t you? you don’t even know them. They can be great people looking to make even greater moves for the benefit of the whole world, real people with real aspirations.

          • Robert Fletcher


  • Jacqueline Elizabeth Cottrell

    I love you for this article! Green, please email me, I have a question for you!!! I was looking for your email but no luck and I think its because Im using my phone. Please email me!

  • Question

    Why is USPS the best way to mail? Shouldn’t it be FedEx and UPS before because of no FBI Jurisdiction?

    • hippylettuce

      Usps is the federal gov so they need a search warrant to search ur pack.. fedex and ups are privately owned therefore no need for a warrant to search

      • irememberallthelies

        But they typically don’t unless you make it obvious what’s in it. Actually the would need a warrant as well at fed ex. I just read the govt is trying to five their way in there because of illegal pharmacies but they are really wanting to make people have to buy the inflated priced stuff here instead of canada.

  • Igrowem

    You never sent any weed through the mail yourself but you knew one person who successfully did and you feel qualified to provide a “how to”?

  • ElJeffe99

    Plastic bags and other wrappings by
    themselves do not make your stash dog proof – not Foodsaver, not Smelly Proof
    Bags – not even close. Dogs can smell EXTREMELY minute concentrations of odors,
    and PLENTY of pot smell goes right through vacuum sealed bags – no matter how
    many layers you put on there. Plastic merely retards (slows down) the migration
    of pot smell so that YOU can’t smell it very easily. If you don’t believe me,
    try this simple experiment: put an ounce or two of good weed in a vacuum bag.
    Seal it in your favorite vacuum bag. Put it in a new, air tight plastic box,
    like a Tupperware container, for a week. Open the box. Unless you have a poor
    sense of smell, you will smell weed aplenty! So what to do if you want to
    transport something? Use the only bag that utilizes activated charcoal and a
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    are dog proof

  • Dan

    I’ve used Gonzo Bags for two years and have never had one picked off. Its the only product that uses activated charcoal to absorb and trap odors. Definitely worth it

  • chinaTown

    So is the consensus that USPS Overnight is the way to go? Would you recommend not putting any return address vs. putting a real address (but one that is not your own)? As long as the package is not visibly sketchy or smelling or marijuana I can’t see any reason why they would stop your package & then go through the most to get a warrant, correct?

  • Judi Gebhardt-webster

    I would like to send a bud or two to my friend in England. Any ideas as to what would b the safest way to mail???
    JG – Massachusetts

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  • hollyhoodstar773

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  • Shane_Ireland

    Anybody able to ship stuff to Ireland ? Email me, cheers.