The Art Of Sending Marijuana By Mail

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The Art Of Sending Marijuana By Mail

Sending marijuana by mail can be the easiest but one of the most stressful ways of distributing marijuana. You have to worry about only two things while sending marijuana. Getting caught is obviously the biggest threat. Breaking federal and state laws are no joke. You’ll be looking at some jail time. Unless you’re loaded with cash and know the right lawyer. The second thing is your package getting lost. You’re out of that weed and possibly more money. When your package is lost, I would recommend not sending another package to that address for awhile. You never know what the authorities could be doing about it.

Once you get the nerve racking feeling of getting caught and losing your product, that’s when you start having fun with it. If you have sent marijuana through mail then you know this feeling. Packing up freshly smelling marijuana buds to send to a friend or customer. Sending to friends always seems more fun because one can choose a ton of nice buds for them to test. It does make it more work to send because of the way you have to package it. If you’re just sending one single strain it’ll be simpler to do. I’m going to go over a list of things you need to know to get your marijuana safely to its destination. From whom to send the package with to how to actually package it out.



Sending marijuana saw an 84 percent increase from 2007 to 2008 and an 180 percent increase from 2008 to 2009. 43,403 lbs of marijuana was seized by inspectors at the postal service in 2009. They now have profiles that look for suspicious packages that may contain marijuana or any controlled substance. Here are a few things not to do when sending through mail.

Package Don’ts:

1. Don’t have your seams heavily taped.

2. Do not reuse a previous package.

3. Obliviously it shouldn’t smell like marijuana.

Label Don’ts:

1. Hand writing the address.

2. Misspelled names or address.

3. False return zip code/fictitious address.

Now that you know what not to do when shipping marijuana. Here are things you need to do with you package and labels. Make sure you do all of these to your best ability. These things are the difference from your receiver smoking your weed or ending up in court.

1. Package your marijuana in a few layers of bags. The first bag should contain the marijuana. That bag should be sealed as tight as possible. Using a vacuum seal bag is recommended for this.

2. Each additional bag over the marijuana should be washed with soap and water every time after adding another bag around the marijuana. That prevents any small trace of marijuana at all.

3. Do not add masking scents. Dogs smell all scents. No scents cover up another.

4. Make sure you are using a brand new box.

5. Purchase shipping label.

6. If a return address is required. Use a business name and not an individuals name.

7. Use priority mail and pay with cash.

8. Send package via USPS.

Best to worst in shipping companies.


Pros: cheap, fast and no return address needed. Con: FBI Juristriction

2. UPS

Pros: Private Company. Cons: Employees steal and return address required.

3. FedEx

Pros: Private company. Cons: Employees steal a lot and return address required.

Be safe Greenies.


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