Medicated Monday: The G-KAP [Product Review]

Name/Type:  G-KAP/Anti-bacterial Bong & Pipe Cap


Rating:  NA (see comments below)

Overview: How do you usually smoke weed? Chances are you probably use some type of a pipe or bong. Have you ever thought about the number of germs and microbes that can cultivate and spread by sharing your pipe, bong, vaporizer or hookah with others? How well do you really know your closest smoking buddies? Medical Marijuana users: Have you ever visited a collective, dispensary or hookah lounge and used any smoking device these places provide? The folks at G-KAP have thought about these questions and have developed a cute and colorful way to help stop the spread of germs.

It’s called a G-KAP and was developed by a group of friends that had one prerequisite in mind for their product: “Protect yourself and others.” They designed the G-KAP anti-bacterial caps specifically for germ elimination.

Overall: The G-KAP is made from a flexible polymer and comes in 5 colors and 2 sizes; one that fits most bongs/water pipes, the other to fit most pipes and hookah hoses. Treated with IONPURE™, an additive gradually releases silver ions that function as antibacterial agents. When positively charged silver ions encounter negatively charged bacteria, the silver ions bind to bacteria’s cellular enzymes and disrupt the electrical balance of the bacteria. This process reduces all further enzyme activity and prevents multiplication causing the bacteria to die. The G-KAP is designed to benefit and assist in the reduction of common everyday germs without the use of household solvents, or other various sterilization methods. By using the G-KAP bong cap and pipe cap, you are proactively reducing the everyday germs.

To start protecting yourself from germs while smoking, simply work the G-KAP over the mouthpiece of your favorite bong/pipe and down about half the depth of the G-KAP. Use the smoking device as you normally would. The G-KAP loses its ability to fight germs after 60 to 90 days of use and should be replaced to be safe against spreading germs.

Personal Comments: I really like the idea of having something a Greenie can slip on a smoking device and know they are a little safer against germs that can spread through sharing bongs/pipes. I like the color selection but found the G-KAP for bongs fit only one out of four bongs we have. It’s fairly unobtrusive and actually provides a better seal for bongs when inhaling. The pipe cap fit better on several glass pipes and the hookah I have. My friends who used the G-KAP commented on what a great idea and concept it is.

I see the need and benefits in the industry the G-KAP can provide. We are all more health conscious and germ aware, so carrying your own G-KAP around to slip on a bong, pipe, vaporizer or hookah that you happen to share at events, shows or lounges and collectives that allow consumption of meds isn’t a bad idea. Businesses that provide communal smoking should definitely be concerned with providing sanitary devices for their customers.

I did not give this product a grade because I have no way of verifying the claims made by G-KAP. They have a video of their testing HERE. Just keeping it real for our Greenies. I totally support the idea and promotion of G-KAP. I’m even going to keep using them on all of my bongs/pipes I happen to share with others too.

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Author: Doodette420

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