Medicinal Marijuana Legislation Amendment in CA

By: $@bs

Who wasn’t absolutely delighted when CA became the first state to legalize marijuana? Apparently, some poo-headed Californian lawmakers… This past week, Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance that will basically suck for pot smokers everywhere (er, in CA).

The new law would ban pot smoking at marijuana ‘dispensaries’, require them to close at 8 pm and outlaw the use of the well-known neon cannabis leaf sign where weed is legally sold. Even more irritating, the law would limit the number of dispensaries to 70, closing roughly 800 locations. Seriously, who were the ad wizards who came up with this one? How is that going to help the CA economy, which is already in a pretty sorry state?

To hear both sides of the argument, writer Shira Lazar sat down with the President and founder of Oaksterdam University (the first cannabis college in the US) and some random Republican candidate for CA state assembly (yawn-talk about

To see footage of Shira Lazar’s interviews, click here.
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Author: Sabs

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