Meet The Beat Bullys from SoCal

I’m always in the mood to expand my aural senses and listen to new, Indie and up-and-coming artists & performers of all generes. I was delighted to find out someone that I have been following on Twitter offers just that! Meet @OsmaBinRappin a member of a fresh hip hop group from Oakland, Ca called The Beat Bullys. If you aren’t following him…why not?! He’s a genuine, down to Earth guy that has nothing but positive vibes to share with friends and fans alike. The Beat Bullys has three members: Osama Bin Rappin, KREE and BNEWS – ALL bringing a positive, uplifting message and attitude.  This positivity and message of “One Love” eminates from their lyrics and beats. Refreshing, groovy music that makes you want to get high and dance!

The Beat Bullys are performing live in San Bernadino on April 21st to celebrate the Cambodian New Year! Flyer and directions below! Come on out and join them for FREE entertainment, drinks games and more!!

Listen to Beat Bully’s latest hit “Lime Green”  here!

Interview Questions for The Beat Bullys


Q: How long have you bin making music together, and who found whom?

A: We’ve been making music for just over 3 years now, Osama and Kree did songs together before Beat Bullys were formed. We met BNEWS at our studio, via Bad Azz (DPG) and we all did a song together called “Downtown L.A.” seeing that we all had a unique vibe w/ each other, we did more songs together, and ended up forming a group.

Q: Marijuana is a big influence/inspiration in your music. especially your latest single “Lime Green”. Are you more or less creative when stoned? Explain.

A: Marijuana certainly makes us more creative when writing/making music. there were times where we didnt have any herbs during a session, and it didnt make us less creative. Basically we dont depend on Marijuana to spark creativity. Like Posdnous from De La soul said “Never using weed as a ghostwriter”.


Q: Do you feel you would be successful/creative if you had never smoked at all?

A: Absolutely, like we said in the previous question, we dont depend on Marijuana to reach our goals, there’s even been times where we didnt want to smoke in order to reach the dreams we live for.


Q: With so many rappers and bands trying to make it big, what makes the Beat Bullys unique and memorable over other artists/bands?

A: Our music! When we make songs were not doing it just to rap, our songs actually have concepts, content, knowlege, and include stories from our struggles, as well as our success’s. We always know in our minds to be as truthful as possible, that way we dont decieve, or mislead any of our fans, family, & friends.

Q:  Musically what artists influence you?

A: Jay-Z, Nas, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Mos Def, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Rakim, KRS-1, Big Daddy Kane, BadAzz, Tha Alkaholiks, Kid Frost, AMG, Aceyalone, Living Legends, Zion-I. Even artists that we dont really listen to are huge influences as well, because they remind us to not make the same music that they do.


Q: What do you hope to acheive with/through your music? Goals?

A: Longevity! Ultimately we want to leave a mark on the history of Hip Hop, we dont want to be a one hit wonder group. We make music to touch people, and make an impact on their lives. Hopefully we’ll spark that one mind that will change the world, who knows? We just love to live this culture, and being able to spread a message while doing it is a gratifying feeling.


Q: To date, whats the most difficult ordeal you’ve encountered in the music industry?

A: Dealing with unprofessional promoters, that is definitely one of the more frustrating parts of the business. We make sure to deliver on everything we promise, and expect the same from everyone we do dealings with. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case, we’re sure that’s something a lot of artist could relate too.


Q: Words of adivice to the nexst generation of artists?

A: DONT BE WACK!! Be innovative, and ALWAYS be yourself! Don’t do what you see all these other rappers doing just because they have nice cars, or hot girls in their video, most of that shit is a facade, learn the business of music, and dont believe what you see on TV.


Q: Where can fans get a hold of your music or see you in concert? Any venues you’ll be playing at this year?

A: Fans can always DL our music free at:

Our YouTube Channel:

Our Facebook Page:

Our Twitter Page:

We have a show on 4/21 in San Bernadino, CA (flyer below), also we will be on the Vans Warped tour again this summer (California shows). updates on our shows/music are always available on our Twitter & FB pages.

Beat Bullys April 21st
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The Beat Bullys April 21st in San Bernadino, CA!


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