Megan Fox Just Got A Lot Hotter

I am one of the few bloggers in the world who didn’t really hop on the Megan Fox bandwagon. I’ve never really liked a movie she has been in and the fact that everyone in the world loves her just makes me think, ehhhh. She is pretty and all but not really my type and just never really did it for me. She could still get it though, I do have a dick afterall. Even if she has no nipples.

Recent comments that she has made have really added to her stock in my eyes recently though. First she admitted that she was bisexual (which already gave her lots of points), then she called actors prostitutes and now she’s admitted that she smokes and thinks weed should be legal. That makes up for the nipple thing.

Fox tells Britain’s GQ magazine, “I can’t tell you how much bull**** I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed. People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, f*****-up thing to do. And it’s not. I hope they legalize it.

“And when they do, I’ll be the first person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

What do you guys think? Is she right or should weed remain illegal?

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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