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Members of Congress ask feds to respect new state laws in a formal letter

United States Representative Adam Smith and 17 more members of the United States Congress joined together and drafted a formal letter to the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The letter, which was addressed to the Attorney General Eric Holder and the administrator for the DEA, Michele Leonhart, requested that the government refrain from implementing the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and permit the states of Colorado and Washington to fulfill the voter’s desires.

In the letter from the Congress members, they make mention of how they believe it would be an error of judgment on behalf of the federal government to involve themselves in matters pertaining to states rights. Here is what they wrote: “We believe that it would be a mistake for the federal government to focus enforcement action on individuals whose actions are in compliance with state law.” The letter also states that in 2009, the Department of Justice proclaimed they would abstain from interfering with states that were in compliance with their own laws.

The Congress members went on to request that the feds permit the states in question to be “laboratories of democracy” that would only stand to evolve drug policy on national basis. The letter also explains that these brave new laws can now actually carry out the goals that the existing policies fail to accomplish. Here is an excerpt: “We believe this approach embraces the goals of existing federal marijuana law: to stop international trafficking, deter domestic organized criminal organizations, stop violence associated with the drug trade and protect children.”

This would be a good time for the feds to show a little compassion and possibly even show Americans that they actually may be humans and not the droids we all believe them to be. We here in the cannabis community know the truth hurts and admitting you were wrong hurts even more, so we exercise a little understanding in that regard. But our patience on the other hand, is wearing thin. Please feds, swallow your pride and realize you’ve made a grave mistake and we can bury the hatchet that is the war on tokers.

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Author: ErikG

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  • Yahweh Smokes

    Good article, Erik! Asking the Feds to swallow their pride on this matter is not possible. They are obligated to implement the LAW! It is the LAW that needs changing. They certainly can respect the Rights of those enlightened States that pass Drug Laws consistent with the actual decent morality of its citizens. No more duplicity, hypocrisy nor treachery in human relationships between the citizens and their law-enforcement community members!

  • Yahweh Smokes

    No one has added comment to this timely post? Activism must be engaging!

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