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Members of Congress Co-Introduced Legislation To Reclassify Weed For Medical Use

Several members of Congress have co-introduced two distinctive pieces of legislation, one that would reclassify marijuana for medicinal usage and the other would overturn the prohibition on medical marijuana evidence in federal court.

Rep. Sam Farr

Rep. Sam Farr

Democratic Representative Sam Farr authored the “Truth in Trials Act” which is pursuing an end to the proscription of the use of medical marijuana confirmation as means of evidence in a federal court of law.

In laymen’s terms, the court wouldn’t be able to decline someone the right to use the fact that they use weed for medical reasons in a federal court proceeding.

The second piece of legislation was authored by Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer. His bill titled “States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act” in addition to the reclassifying of cannabis as a medicinal substance, would also allow states to institute production and distribution laws without fed intervention.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Rep. Earl Blumenauer

The bills in question were introduced in anticipation of a forthcoming national medical maryjane conference which is slated to be held the week of February 18, 2013. The event is designed to allow advocates the ability to meet with Congressional representatives to debate the pending legislation.

“Nineteen jurisdictions have passed laws recognizing the importance of providing access to medical marijuana for the hundreds of thousands of patients who rely on it,” Blumenauer avowed. “It is time for the federal government to respect these decisions, and stop inhibiting safe access.”

A few dozen more likeminded congressmen such as Blumenauer and we could nip this whole prohibition right in the bud.

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