Michael Strahan Likes To Keep Track Of His Girlfriends

You would think that if you were dating a rich, muscular, former football player that you would be satisfied as a women in this world but I guess that’s just not always the case.

When Michael Strahan started having issues with whether or not his girl of over year Nicole Murphy was cheating on him, he decided to investigate further, by placing a tracking device in her car.

Wait, what??

Jealously will drive men and women to do some dumb things sometimes but in this case it was the right move because she was actually spending time with Universal Records A&R executive, Demetrius Spencer.

Murphy boasted in February 2008 that she and Strahan have a relationship based on “communication and shared interests.”

But she also had been sharing interests with Universal Records A&R exec Demetrius Spencer.

Introduced by a mutual pal, Murphy had been “hiding” her affection for Spencer from Strahan “for almost a year,” the sources said.

Using the excuse of “business trips,” a source said, Spencer and Murphy would jet off to exotic getaways in the Caribbean and Mexico.

For several months, the couple had exchanged gushing e-mails, professing their love for each other. In the notes, some of which were obtained by The Post, Murphy told Spencer she planned to come clean to Strahan about their relationship.

You can’t trust these chicks out here!

She suspected that she was being watched and when she found the tracking device, Michael wasn’t too happy about it.

Things came to a head after Spencer and Murphy took her Range Rover to a luxury dealership in Thousand Oaks, California. Mechanics quickly discovered the tracking apparatus. Murphy and Spencer went to have lunch while the tracer was removed. Seconds later, Strahan barged into the garage, “yelling and screaming,” a source said. Strahan walked over, ripped it off the dashboard and stormed out of the shop.

Wow. Many a great man has been brought down by a female. Get it together Mike.

Shout outs to The Big Lead for putting me up on this.

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