Michigan College Wants to Ban MMJ on Campus


Eastern Michigan University is seeking to ban the use of Medical Marijuana on its campus.

The university says that although the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008 permits marijuana use with a certified prescription, federal laws such as the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989 prohibit the drug on campuses.

Because EMU receives federal funding, it is subject to the federal act, the school asserts.

The matter will be put to a vote at EMU’s Board of Regents meeting today.

Doug Ordway, owner of the Green Bee Collective, a medical marijuana dispensary in Ann Arbor, says he is disappointed by EMU’s push to ban the substance.

“They’re dependent on federal funding and it’s hard for them to support medical marijuana without getting in trouble,” he said. “But I’d like them to, at the minimum, be neutral on it because they’re going contradictory to the will of the people in Michigan.”

So, a college is trying to ban Medical Marijuana on campus. Insane? Not really. Drinking/Smoking/Living isn’t tolerated on most campuses. Is it impractical? Absolutely. At my school, there was a STRICT no marijuana policy. You got caught with even the smallest most miniscule amounts of bud, you were kicked out of school no questions asked. And of course like good reasonable students, we smoked in our dorm rooms every single fucking day of the academic calender. Mastered the towel under the door trick, received PHDs in room air flow and febreezing, and devised secret knocking codes to enter rooms. Why would this college even waste the time and resources trying to ban pot on campus? They’ll get it done for sure. But kids will be smoking just as much on Campus as always, partying, and doing what college kids do. Birds fly, Dogs bark, College kids smoke a ton of weed. Life 101 right there.


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