Mikel Leshoure Caught With Weed Twice In The Same County In Under 2 Months

I swear every year multiple NFL players are busted for marijuana. They either are part of a large drug ring trying to buy hundreds of pounds of weed like Sam Hurd of the Bears or like Mike Vick for trying to sneak weed through airport security. Yes, both of those are very dumb reasons. But they might not be as dumb as what Mikel Leshoure of the Detroit Lions did. Mikel Leshoure has been caught twice for marijuana possession. Wait, it gets worse. He was caught in the same county on the opposite side of the state from Detroit in under two months.

On February 18, Leshoure was cited in a traffic stop for possession of marijuana, and has already pleaded to a lesser charge of using marijuana and paid a fine. On March 12, he was a passenger in a car that was pulled over and, according to a police officer who spoke with Birkett, was seen by police trying to eat marijuana to avoid being charged.

Lion’s RB Mike Leshoure’s NFL career consists of one torn Achilles tendon, two marijuana possession charges, one missed arraignment and ZERO carries.

The local media says he was traveling back and fourth from his home state Illinois. Now I have made that drive plenty of times to Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been there 6 times in the past 7 years. In that time, I was pulled over once with my buddy. We had weed under both of our seats. I thought for sure that this was it. We were getting arrested and all that good stuff. But luckily he gave my buddy a sobriety test and let us go without searching the vehicle. I think Mikel is just immature and doesn’t realize the chance he has with the Lions this year. He has yet to play one down after being drafted by the Detroit Lions last year. He needs to get healthy and stay the hell out of trouble. This is some proof that the football god doesn’t want my Lions to prosper.

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