Military Police Assault Peaceful Marijuana Protesters in Brazil

America isn’t the only place where marijuana is still considered an illegal drug, and where pragmatic people from all walks of life are lending their time and intellect towards rectifying the double standard marijuana laws impose. In American though, we’re allowed to peacefully protest the issue. After recent events, the same cannot be said in Brazil.  The initial idea was to march for the legalization of marijuana, but that was banned by police, so they decided to hold a march for freedom of expression. Freedom is a singularly ambivalent word because after the police agreed to the freedom of expression march, they did the opposite.  Read on for video and more after the jump.

After the police originally gave their approval for the peaceful protest for freedom of expression, they sent military forces to thwart the marchers. It was not pretty.

But minutes after allowing the march, the Military Police brutally attacked the unarmed demonstrators with stun bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets.

About 1,000 people showed up for the rally Saturday in São Paulo’s financial heart. Television images showed riot troops charging toward the protesters when they tried to march down the busy Paulista Avenue.

Lets rehash the series of events:

  1. Cannabis advocates planned to have a peaceful march in support of the legalization of cannabis.
  2. Police told them they could not do this.
  3. They decided to have a peaceful march in support of freedom of expression
  4. Police said they could do this.
  5. Police then attacked them with “stun bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets.”

Not even the American government would have the audacity to act this way. We’re much more covert about our corruption. Keep in mind the footage below features some chaotic video.

[Toke of the Town; ultimo segundo; pic via REUTERS/Nacho Doce]

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