Missouri SWAT team shoots family dog during raid over “small amount” of marijuana

Before watching this video I have to warn you that it is pretty disturbing and if you are stoned, it is definitely a buzzkill. Anyway, I first saw this video on NORML about a week ago and I wanted to write about it but my computer has been fucked but now I finally have time to really go in on this. So here is the story in a nutshell. The police were tipped off  by an anonymous source that the victim in the case was some kind of big drug kingpin who had large amounts of marijuana in his home but that wasn’t the case.  Not even close.  So in the middle of the night a SWAT team was sent into his home with guns blazing.  One family dog was killed, another was shot and injured, their seven year old child was undoubtedly traumatized.  Find out more after the jump.  It gets worse.

Unless he managed to dump all the large amounts of weed there was in between the time it took for the cops to bust into his house, slaughter one of his dogs, injure another one, and terrorize his wife and young child then they definitely have some explaining to do.

This story is completely sickening and is a reflection of why this drug war has failed and continues to fail.  Since when is dozens of cops busting into your home in the middle of the night toting and firing guns more dangerous than someone smoking a little bud?  And here’s the kicker, that’s all they found was a bud.  They found some pipes with weed residue in it and that’s it.  What kind of laws are these where we can just allow citizens to be victimized like this and no one is held accountable.  Those dogs didn’t deserve that fate, they didn’t even get high.  I could go on and on and rant about this but I think I am going to go smoke to calm down.  In the meantime you can also watch this video of Judge Andrew Napolitano calling for these officers to be arrested on fox new.  You KNOW it’s bad when even right wingers who are normally in favor of the war on drugs are outraged.

How do you guys feel about this? Please share your thoughts. If you happen to be in the Columbia, Missouri area there is a Columbia City Council meeting on May 17th at 7pm. Please go and protest this madness.

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Author: Lenny

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