SEO In the Huzzouse!  So, as we all know, medical marijuana is a big topic these days.  What with some states legalizing it for medicinal purposes and others to get out of debt (I’m waiting on you New York).  Live Free, a New Hampshire State Marijuana Initiative videotaped Clayton Holton of Granite Staters as he spoke with former Massachusetts Governor, 2008 Presidential Candidate, and famous Mormon, Mitt Romney.  Check it out after the jump.

If you’re not familiar with Granite Staters, they’re an initiative to vet primary candidate’s stances on medical marijuana.  You should definitely check out their site.  Back in 2007, Clayton, who is in a wheelchair and suffers from a debilitating disease that keeps his weight hovering around 80 lbs, asked Romney whether he would arrest him and his doctor for using medical marijuana.  I’ll stop the preamble and just post it.

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