MJ News- John Boehner is a Dick

Image via Infowars

The most powerful person in the Republican Party is Ohio Congressman and House Speaker John Boehner. It should come as no surprise that he opposes cannabis legalization, but many may not know how much the Speaker and his colleagues love to partake of legal drugs.

Last October at a fancy Washington restaurant in a section of town called ‘Barracks Row’, a week or so before his ascendency to the Speakership of the House, High Times’ associate publisher Rick Cusick and I [NORML Exec. Dir. Allen St. Pierre] watched Mr. Boehner (and five or six of his fellow Republican colleagues from the House, and one from the Senate) continuously leave their table–after rounds of shot glasses of hard liquor were consumed–to stand out in front of the establishment in a circle to smoke cigarettes. We witnessed this kind of excessive ‘drug’ consumption from Congressional leaders for over two hours.

This Boehner guy is the worst. Everyone knows that one person at the party who gets too shitfaced and gives you a sloppy lecture about how they would never “do pot”, while subsequently blowing cig smoke in your face. That’s John Boehner to a T. Getting wasted tearing down his marb reds while voting against weed in congress. Just busting peoples balls on a Congressional level. What a total Boehner.

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