MJ’s Book Look: Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits

Any serious collector of weed porn holds in high regard Ed Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds, of which there are four volumes.  At least I own four volumes (maybe there are more?).  Now the “grow guru” has produced a Greatest Hits volume for the series.  Here is a book you will enjoy and want to own.
The Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits is a collection of cannabis glamour shots. All that’s missing is the smell, the taste, and a sample of the high. Maybe in Ed’s next book . . .

Ever heard of a “coffee table” book? It’s a unique book designed to be enjoyed by guests visiting your house. The book is left out on the coffee table, around which your guests have gathered. This is a modern coffee table book. People who know zip about cannabis are curious and will want to have a look. People who know tons about cannabis are always curious to know more. So everybody will open this book and they will all be rewarded.

Perhaps you can use this book to break the ice when you decide to come out to your grandparents about your love of cannabis. But don’t be surprised if “Pops” and “Memaw” laugh and show you their author-signed copy of this same book. Cannabis runs in families, or did you already know that? 

Hail Mary Jane thanks Ed Rosenthal for this opportunity to see his newest work. HMJ has reviewed Ed Rosenthal’s Beyond Buds, and we we had the pleasure of hosting Ed at a session of GroSkool in “Ed Rosenthal Answers the 6 Plant Question.”

To order your own copy of Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits go HERE.

[images: edrosenthal.com]

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