MJ’s Book Look: “Big Weed”

We celebrate 420 with a story about what’s happening in Colorado, told by one of the people helping make it happen.  Enjoy.


Entrepreneurial types dream about being on-scene when a new business — better, a new industry — opens its’ arms in welcome. Christian Hageseth (w/Joseph D’Agnese) was in just such a position in Colorado with medical marijuana. When the economy fell apart back in ‘08 it cost Hageseth his real estate business. Facing disapproving grumblings from family and friends the author started learning how to build a medical cannabis business the hard way — by trial and error. In the process he fell under the magic spell of the cannabis plant.

Big Weed is a fast moving business story that is interesting and educational. Our author launched “Green Man Cannabis” when no one could say for sure that medical marijuana would be embraced by the general public or survive the next election cycle. If you have legal-cannabis-business-dreams let this book save you some bumps and bruises. You don’t have to make the same mistakes someone else made, especially when they have written about them.

Getting Green Man up-and-running contained bumps, bruises and screw-ups and Hageseth is frank when discussing them. He was not a grower and while his knowledge of the herb was limited he had a willingness to learn. Importantly, he accepted that failure is a teacher.

His journey has allowed him to rub elbows with the luminaries of the cannabis world. His dream carried him all the way to winning Denver’s Cannabis Cup, twice. Green Man Cannabis is on the way to becoming one of the first, best recognized cannabis brands. HMJ has looked at branding previously. That idea is becoming reality.

HMJ posts a column called “About Tomorrow.” Near the end of Big Weed is a chapter called “The New Marijuana Economy.” I think we see a very similar tomorrow. Now, if it would only get here!

“ Big Weed” makes dollar signs and sticky, stinky buds fill your eyes. Got a report due in your business class? Report on this and raise your professor’s consciousness. Whether your place in our re-legalizing future is growing, selling or just consuming cannabis (who says I can’t do all three?) this story is a good read you will enjoy.

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