MJ”s Book Look: Getting High, Marijuana Through the Ages

The question that opens this treasure hunt is, “when and where did fiber hemp plants become psychoactive cannabis strains?”  We all are grateful why.  John Charles Chasteen presents a trip back in time, visiting all parts of the planet.  We follow a lot of false leads  but we do find an answer.  This is first rate scholarship but written so well you hardly hold that against the work.


I kid.  I bet there is a footnoted version of this text.  I hope so, anyway.  The author is telling a story that is both wide and deep.  He has done an excellent job.  It is something that can be built upon by the next cannabists who follow along.

This book is part of an emerging trend giving the cannabis plant a fresh start after eighty years of lies and fear, the legacy of Harry J. Anslinger.  One of our first tasks in a re-legalized future will be to tell the true story of the cannabis plant.  This book will help us do just that.

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[image:  Google images, “Getting High”]

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