MJ’s Book Look: Homegrown Hydro

Re-legalized Washington state is the home to Joshua Sheets, the author of Homegrown Marijuana – Create a Hydroponic Growing System in Your Own Home. Quality cannabis grow books, especially ones aimed at beginners, are hard to produce, as the scope of the material is so enormous. But this author has done a commendable service focusing on hydroponics — that don’t require soil — growing.

There are pictures of multiple styles of hydroponic grows. You get to see, clearly, in nicely colored photos, just what you will be building. Each section then includes instructions on how to use what you just built. It’s a vital two-step process, which this book presents clearly and completely. Incorporating your build into a growing space, creating a nutrient mixture, and understanding environmental and nutrient deficiencies are all addressed in some detail. There are interesting chapters on consuming the fruit of your labor, too.

My only caveat would be in the section on “building a grow space;” the photos show sharp turns in duct work for the air handling system. That would be something to avoid. Bends reduce air flow. Here is a lesson on “air” from GroSkool.This is a small thing, and in no way, reduces the quality of this work. 

It is impossible to master the art of cultivating cannabis simply from a book, but the right book can set you down well along the road to knowledge. If you want to get started in hydro, this is your book. You can find more on this valuable book HERE.


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