MJ’s Book Look: Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana

The Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, by Kevin Oliver and Chadd McKeen, is the book you want to read once you decide — even if it’s “someday” —  to grow your own.  As the pace of re-legalization picks up more and more people will cross that threshold.  This book is a good first read for a novice grower (or intend-to-grower).

While it is not hard to grow cannabis, growing the quality kind you want to smoke is not that easy. Every topic in the Idiot’s Guide deserves a volume all its’ own. This is a survey book, a “Growing Cannabis 101” type of thing. A topic as important as “supercropping” is reduced to one paragraph, so there is no depth of understanding here. Start growing and keep studying. It takes commitment and a long view of things to learn to grow your own weed. You get out what you put in, eh?

My knock on this book is the title (I do carp about titles a lot, don’t you think?) An idiot won’t stay with the task long enough to learn how to grow. Once you grok the techniques cannabis is not hard to grow. But most novice growers kill a bunch of plants on the way to their first real harvest. Overwater or overfeed; underwater or starve the plants, burn them with too much light or stunt them with too little, there is an awful lot to master as you learn to provide the environment in which this plant can and will thrive. Learning to grow might be made idiot simple. But don’t be misled. While this book touches every major topic you need to learn, you will need — and want — more than just this one book.

That aside, the Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana is a wonderful introduction to the best cannabis you will ever smoke — the cannabis you grow for yourself. We close with the sage warning of grow guru Ed Rosenthal. “Smoking marijuana is not addictive but growing it is.” Happy addiction.

Learn more about the Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana.

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