MJ’s Book Look: Marijuana Edibles, 40 Desserts

In the profusion of books on cannabis edibles here’s a new entry:  Marijuana Edibles — 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts, from the owners of “Laurie & MaryJane.”  The volume opens with “The Basics,” covering the expected and necessary topics like calibrating infusions, how to decarboxylate bud, the role of terpenes and making single serving portions.
You will find the expected entries in the recipes — cookies, pies, tarts, pasties and cakes. But this book goes beyond the regular offerings, adding puddings and sauces, chocolates and caramels. Then another step beyond — frozen desserts. A nice, well rounded set of easy to prepare offerings that you could create even if you are a novice cook and baker. The photographs are excellent; the recipes easy to follow, and the results delicious.

Because I am not even a novice baker I had a friend who is accomplished in the kitchen use the book to make a few of the recipes. She found the instructions and ingredient lists complete and the “do this then this” parts easy to follow. We did enjoy each and every dish created. There was one knock, however. My volunteer baker found the book’s page color / ink color contrast a challenge. She suggested that printing on white paper calls for a darker ink selection. So, maybe for the next edition? She was able to complete every recipe she selected with minimal challenge and liked the book very much.

With the holiday’s coming up here’s a nice gift for the cannabis-cook in your life. Who knows what you might get in return? Maybe a nice “Hawaiian Butter Mochi” (page 47) or “Chocolate Hazelnut Spread” (page 85). I’m a fan of both.

Learn more about Marijuana Edibles — 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts.

[images:  William Thomas]

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