MJ’s Book Look: Sweet Mary Jane, Cannabis-Infused Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth and love herb, here’s a book worth your time.  Enjoy.


If you have the good fortune to live in or visit the re-legalized zone called “Colorado” you may already have met the Sweet Mary Jane Bakery. They bake a lot of cannabis edibles which get sold around the state. The energy behind this bakery’s existence, Karin Lazarus, has published her story, freely sharing what she has learned along with a ton of recipes in Sweet Mary Jane, 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts

Medicating, or getting high, by eating cannabis is fundamentally a different experience than smoking herb. Ms. Lazarus makes this point clear then takes us into the kitchen with her. There, she gives instruction on infusing cooking/baking ingredients with the active component — the cannabinoids — from the cannabis flowers. Perhaps in high school you had a misadventure with pot brownies full of plant material. This book is certainly not that.

The chapter on how to do the infusions — Buddha Budda, Coconut Bliss and Hey! Sugar — reveal the key to baking with cannabis. The infusions can be of varying potencies. Do you want to taste the cannabis? Yes, but to me that means flavor coming from terpenes in my nose, not chlorophyll on my tongue. The goal is to move the active component into the baked good without tasting the plant. These techniques could easily be declared “proprietary,” like the formula for Coca-Cola. Ms. Lazarus shares her knowledge. Gotta love that.

I hope the author and the creators of the Mota Pot meet one of these days. A commercial application of the Mota Pot to make Buddha Budda strikes me an inevitable. There would be a lot less mess in the kitchen.

The individual recipes are impressive and range from brownies and cookies (a nod to tradition) through tarts and pastries, ice cream and then on to sauces. This is a great cookbook if you like to bake, eat dessert, and enjoy the wonder of cannabis.

If I have one complaint it’s that there were not pictures for each of the seventy-five high end desserts. Lot’s of the recipes did have pics, but not all. The only possible way to fix this is for me to visit Colorado and try them all. That’s going on the bucket list.

Learn more about Sweet Mary Jane.

[image: Google images “Sweet Mary Jane Cookbook”]

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