MJ’s Book Look — “Weed: Grow It, Cook It”

Here’s a new book that belongs on your shelf — Weed:  Grow It, Cook It.”


It’s hard to imagine a short book could do justice to a topic as wide ranging as cannabis cultivation. But Floyd Barrington has done just that in Weed: Grow It, Cook It. Frankly, the faculty and staff at GroSkool wish they had had this volume when the freshman class commenced. Each chapter isn’t too in-depth, being only two pages, and each topic could be, easily, a volume of its’ own. For a reader wanting a thorough overview or introduction to cultivation — this is it.

Choice of growing style, basics of lighting, feeding and gender determination — all here. A bit of history, a taste of science, a look at training, both high and low stress — all are introduced. And while there is not much said on smoking cannabis, there are sections on making hash — the original concentrate — in a variety of ways.

The book closes on eating cannabis, which the author points out is the only sure-fire way to ingest all the good stuff you grow the plant to create, whether that is THC or CBD. There is even a scientific explanation of why you want to be sure to decarboxylate the plant material prior to cooking with it. Not every cookbook covers this crucial step.

Have a friend or family member who is a novice in the cannabis culture? This small volume would be a wonderful gift to help them get oriented.

Learn more about Weed: Grow It, Cook It.

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