MLB Rumors: Tejada to the Yankees? Where will Santana end up?

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Yanks interested in Tejada?

The Yankees don’t look like their going to be able to get Mike Lowell from the Boston Red Sox. They don’t seem like they wanna pay the kind of money its gonna take to get Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins either. So who is left to replace Alex Rodriguez at third base. Miguel Tejada’s name came up in the discussions and he is probably the best option for the Yankees.

Tejada’s availability was no secret this week so the Yankees are highly interesting in the 2002 AL MVP. Tejada had hard season this year hitting only .296 with 18 homers and 81 RBI. He had injury issues throughout the whole season.

I honestly don’t see any deals going down here though. Yes Tejada is available and yes the Yankees need a third basemen BUT the Yankees are in the same division as the Oriels so I couldn’t see the Oriels doing anything to help the King of their own division for the past 13 seasons.

Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox and many others interested in Santana

The Yankees will be one of the top teams in the running for picking up Johan Santana if he becomes is put on the trade market. It looks like that will happen and while the Yankees are in the running and have young players to send to Minnesota in exchange for Santana, there are a lot of other teams interested in picking the former Cy Young award winning pitcher.

The Mets, the Dodgers, the Angels, and the Red Sox have also shown interest in picking up Johan Santana. All of those teams also have a lot of young talent to offer the Twins in a possible deal. As far as young pitching goes though, few of the top market teams have the type of superior young talent as the Yanks have in their stash. They have Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy and while they are reluctant to trade any of those guys, they understand they will probably have to include one of those guys in a deal for Santana.

The Twins have always been known for having exceptional scouting so expect them to fare very well in any deals that they get for Santana.

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