MNF So Boring

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This was about the only thing worth looking at last night because that game sucked. Not even a blunt of haze made the first half interesting and I just wanted it to be over in the second half so I could go to sleep.

It was scoreless for the first half until about 2 minutes left and the Panthers drove the length of the field and scored a td on a couple of good catches by their tight end. That was their only moment worth noting in this game.

The Boys got booed off the field in the first half and I guess took it to heart. I bet they were feeling a little like Jerry Jones was going to cut all of them if they didn’t win in their new stadium two weeks in a row because they came back out in the second half and dominated. They ended up getting a couple field goals and one offensive td, and another one of their rbs, Felix Jones, got hurt in the game. leaving them with only their 3rd string.

They were only up 13-7 in the 4th and despite controlling the first half, the Panthers could have went down the field and took the lead. That didn’t happen as Del-homey completely shit the bed again and threw a pick six. It was finally over and I went to bed completely miserable but high as shit.

Carolina drops to 0-3 and joins a bunch of other division winners from last year who now suck. Here are the highlights but nothing great really happened. How the Panthers paid Delhomme after shitting the bed in the playoffs is beyond me. His new contract might now go down as one of the worst signings in history if he keeps this shit up.

Cowboys 21 – Panthers 7

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Author: the white kid

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