Mom Arrested for Trying to Shotgun Baby With Weed

Maybe you’re familiar with the ol’ bourbon technique for teething babies. Well, one Arizona mom decided to try a puff of marijuana smoke to settle her 10 month old daughter down. This mothering technique combined with video footage of violent cursing and spanking led authorities to intervene.

Jessica Callaway, 21, of Gilbert Arizona was videotaped on her roommates cellphone hitting her baby. “Police said the video shows Callaway picking up the baby and spanking her, and when the infant continues to cry, Callaway screams at her to ‘shut the (expletive) up before I kick you in the mouth.'”

The roommate also told police “She and Callaway had been smoking marijuana and Callaway blew smoke into the baby’s mouth several times.” This is not a recommended method for settling your new-born down. Although NYC moms have increasingly taken to the sticky-icky to unwind after the stressful job of rearing children, at least they’re not blowing that smoke in their new-born baby’s mouth.

This is not how you win mother of the year awards.

[UPI; pics via VintageModel/Flickr & onepennysheet]

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