More Harm Caused by Prohibition

I chose Mr. Anslinger’s picture because today’s harm runs right back to that black-hearted bureaucrat of the 1930’s.  We know that cannabis itself has never caused a death.  It is a rather benign intoxicant, if that is how you interact with the plant.  So with no known toxicity level capable of being reached, the federal prohibition of pot generates a work-around — and introduces a dangerous and unneeded synthetic substitute for cannabis. What is this stuff, anyway?


” . . . more and more teens and young adults who use these substances are turning up in hospitals with signs of intoxication . . . physicians from Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. presented three case studies of teenagers who came to the emergency room after they each ingested fake pot . . . Each teen suffered from a variety of serious adverse effects after they ingested these marijuana-mimicking substances. The authors described symptoms such as rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, excessive sweating and rigidity. Two of them also became extremely agitated. All three survived . . . Synthetic marijuana compounds — also known as synthetic cannabinoids — are much stronger than real marijuana, [the doctor] added, and the bigger problem is that it’s made with other ingredients. Those additional ingredients make it difficult to determine specifically which agent or agents caused the teenagers’ symptoms.

Here are a few comments on the article, which is starting an interesting conversation. un1kn3 offers, “The overall prevalence of drug-related ED visits among lifetime drug users was 1.8%; for those with a lifetime drug use disorder, 3.7%. Persons with heroin dependence and inhalant dependence had the highest rates of ED visits, and marijuana dependence was associated with the lowest rates.”That’s 1.8% of ALL drug users, not marijuana users. I think it’s safe to say that the real thing is much less harmful than these synthetics.”

From sic of lies we get, “No one has ever died from the real forms use, yet the pharmacy drug made called Marinol has KILLED 4 people to date. Plus probably has 100 side effects where as the real form may make you hungry and giggle!”

You can join in the discussion at ABC Health.

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