More Marijuana Found in Oklahoma This Year Despite Droughts

This year in Creek County, Oklahoma law enforcement officials actually found more marijuana than they did in 2010 despite there being record breaking droughts in the area. How can this be when most of the marijuana that is produced there is grown outdoors? This year there were a lot more gardens and a significant increase in production by growers thereby cancelling out the plants killed off by the drought.

One of the gardens they found consisted of a thousand plants, 500 of which were destroyed by authorities and the other 500 harvested by the grower before they came. That should give you a good idea of what “increased production” means. Authorities said that despite there being more marijuana this year, most of it probably isn’t great quality as the drought probably took a good toll on the plants.

The amount of homegrown pot has generally been on the decline during the past 20 years because of the Mexican drug cartels’ steady supply. But this year, agents seized 26,075 marijuana plants and made 15 arrests, said Mark Woodward, bureau spokesman.

Compare this year’s number to last year where there wasn’t a record breaking drought and police destroyed 18,777 plants. Compared to 1991 where authorities destroyed 188,677 plants and the last two years begin to look like peanuts. Experts have estimated that 90% of the cannabis consumed in the U.S comes from Mexico and is the reason for such decrease in production over the years.

Although production is down significantly compared to past years, seeing numbers like this show us good signs that movement is GROWING!


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