Munchie Madness “Top Fast Food Restaurants”

Munchie Madness is like March Madness as you can see, but for us stoners. We will find out HMJ and Stoner Party’s viewers favorite fast food munchie. This is only fast food, not sit down restaurants. I did add pizza places because there are a lot of pizza places that are instance. I know there will be a lot of you that complain about the rankings and what fast food places are and aren’t in the bracket. I’m sorry in advance, but wait did I mention that there is a contest involved in this. Yes, you could win various prizes that will help make your smokes cheaper. We will get to that in a second. The way this will work is we will do at least 2 different match ups in one day. So that means two different votes from you viewers. If you don’t vote there should be no complaining. Back to the prizes, I haven’t figured out exactly how this contest is gonna work. I don’t know if you guys are into or willing to fill out your own bracket or if I am going to do who predicts say the top 16 or top 8 first. Not sure yet. To the prizes, you will recieve:

One Hail Mary Jane T-Shirt

One Pack of Zig-Zags

One Pack of  Whiteowl Cigarillos

One Pack of Screens

One Pack of Zig-Zag Blunt Wraps

One XL Roller

Now that is not all you will receive. I am going to go to the smoke shop and pick out more random things. If any of you can throw some ideas in the comments of what you think a good contest idea would be for this, that would be amazing. This is for you guys, I want to give back to you guys for being so loyal to us. Lets make this a great contest/tournament.

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