Music: Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Gadd “Jazz Drum Solo” Live

We are checking out a trio of the best Jazz drummers ever, performing at the Buddy Rich Memorial Sholarship Concerts. Dave, Vinnie and Steve are all accomplished drummers in their own right. When they bring them together for a little solo jam you can see their different styles emerge. If you’re a drummer you will learn something. I as a drummer guarantee you that, but even if you’re not I hope you dig this rhythmatic display of true musicianship. Tell us who your favorite is in our comment section below. And you can’t tell the players without a program so let me tell you who’s who, From stage right to left you have Vinnie then Steve and then finally Dave. So let’s clean out the glass chillum and pack it up with a nice mix of scissor hash and your fav frosties then top that bad boy off with a little kief and let’s get to smokestackin’! Puff it and pass it around! Rock on, Greenie’s! Oh wait, you did put a chillum stone in that bowl before you packed it,right? Ok kewl, flame on!

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