Music: Dinosaur Twins – Jumanji x Novia Scotia



The Dino Twins are starting 2013 strong with two new songs and a show at the end of this month. I’ve never been to Nova Scotia and I’m sure the Dino Twins haven’t either because we both grew up in a smaller neighborhood of little money. No, our money was so small that we had to just take snacks from 711. But they may have been there when they were on bath salts. I’m kidding, nobody uses bath salts, anymore. They are older, but their lyrics still have that immature fun that anybody would want to here. I prefer Jumanji because I hated the movie Jumanji. Fuck Robin Williams. The beat for that track and lyrics had me laughing. This track really brought out the D Twins talent in production, flow and lyrics. Follow them on Facebook and twitter. Download their latest album, The Land Before Rhyme, HERE.

Dinosaur Twins – Jumanji

Dinosaur Twins – Novia Scotia

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  • DGentleman

    We 86'd a fat bitch. Hah, This shit is hot! Definitely cant wait to get back to the states and drop a track with a couple of dinosaurs.

    • http://www.hailmaryjane.com/members/t/ MisterMaryJane

      Make sure you hit them up then.

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