Music: Doyle Bramhall II “Outside Woman Blues”

The blues rock artist Doyle Bramhall II is best known for his work in the band the Arc Angels. But it was his solo efforts that caught my attention. His influential guitar and vocal styling are sure to please any blues rock affecionado. One of his biggest fans is guitar rock god Eric Clapton if that gives you a clue as to the level of talent that Doyle possess. I own every track he has recorded myself. I hope you dig his tunes as much as I do. Check out the way he plays guitar in this video. Doyle is a lefty and not only turns a righty axe upside down, but he doesn’t restring it either, too kewl!

The tune we are checking out is from Eric Clapton’s 2007 Crossroads Tour were Doyle performs “Outside Woman Blues”. There is some awesome slide guitar in this tune, so let’s bust out the stuff you’ve been saving for when your moocher buddies aren’t around and pack up that spoon and let’s get to puffin’. Stay mellow my fellow, Greenie’s. Peace…………………………………….out.

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