Music For Probation – DEVIN THE DUDE

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Ok so no this is not a link to some random video about devin getting high or talking about martian farts….which by the way from time to time he gets higher than them he says. Lol funny i understand that, i too have been to the point where i’ve gotten so high i’ve thought the “spirits have got me”. lol

I live in Atlanta Ga where its not horrible but it can be……very “last episode of rap city the basement” bad. Long story short im 20 smoke weed and sadly on probation. Its sucks but im on a scooter. Yea……So that’s the perfect reason why i’m doing this lol.

Devin is honestly one of the realest and most underrated rappers, hell artist ever. And see this is where I’m getting to my point, Music For Probation.
Now i don’t know if you partake in the act of(looks over my shoulder like many weed men right now)…..getting high. But hear me out for a moment please. See i had the great idea since the big boss man here at gave me a great opportunity to post on his great yet lifted site. And i have the best post/ gift of all……MUSIC! Plus i’m not going tell you all the crazy shit i was thinking today weed about to get a moped.

So sit back chill and check out these few Devin songs and if you are a Devin fan already or maybe wanna hear some more check out his new cd Suite #420 out April 20,2010

Devin The Dude – Zeldar
easily one of the funniest songs ever lol i am glad tho he gave none to his kids.

Devin The Dude – Doobie Ashtray
this song is weird cause you can either feel great listening to it with weed or feel like the world is ending with no reefer. yes I’ve had this happen lol

Devin The Dude Feat Scarface – Sticky Green
i would’ve picked stray by Devin but to stay on topic I’ll pick this one. plus anything with Devin and Scarface on it is like watching Dave Chappelle and…..insert your favorite comedian i put mine lol

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Author: macmarley

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