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Music Video: Reggie Watts “I Just Want To”

Are you down with Reggie Watts? What? You don’t know who he is? Well, get ready to be in the know, fosho! Reggie is part comedian and full on talented musician. He has a totally unique style and delivery that is sure to be imitated, but never properly duplicated. Bust up a nice pile of frostyliciousness and clean out the bubbler and blaze along with Reggie! Toke on and take it light!

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Author: ErikG

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  • guest

    you gonna post a video from 2009 then say i dont know who the dude is. man my parents even know who he is…

    • ErikG

      Thanks for your comment it so upbeat and positive. Your parents must be pretty kewl then, dude.

  • Super Viking

    haha i remember this dude. this guy is amazing!