(must be) Grading on a Curve

The Marijuana Policy Project has graded the potential presidential candidates based on their positions on cannabis.  It appears they graded the President on a curve.


The Republican top contenders earned a low of “F-” for Newt Gingrich, who thinks the death penalty appropriate for you and I, to Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum who each earned an “F.” Rick says pot is “not consistent with American values,” while Mitt is still babbling the traditional “gateway to harder drugs” silliness that most people have out-grown. Come on, Mitt, America’s gateway drugs are nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. All available in a regulated market, by the way. Mr. Santorum needs to meet the old American value of minding one’s own business.

And, yes, Ron Paul got an “A+,” but his chances are minimal. If the Republican’s deadlock at their convention, there a lurker [i.e. Sarah Palin] who will show up with a big smile on her smug face. Mercy.

But most interesting is the grade earned by President Obama. He got a “C.” Did he bribe the teacher? This is the politician who, while a candidate spouted about marijuana and states’ rights. Today, as the Pres, he has unleashed the full force of the federal government against state’s with lawfully enacted medical access to cannabis. Assuming (a big assumption) that what he said while running for office was true, someone has turned him to the dark side. For more on this go here.

If you were the teacher, what grades would you award?

The Marijuana Policy Project could use your help. Visit them here. [image: google]

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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