Must See for Stoners: Bethel Woods

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So this weekend I went and saw one of the Stoner Mecca’s in the US. I live about an hour away from the site of Woodstock and I finally got around to checking out the museum. This place was awesome and if you are into classic rock and hippy culture, you need to make the trip.

The site is about 2 hours north of New York City in a town called Bethel in Sullivan County. It’s the middle of nowhere, literally out in the middle of a farm field with nothing around it but beautiful countryside. The drive to get there is gorgeous, you have to go through the base of the Catskill Mountains and get some breathtaking views.

The building itself is gorgeous, it’s been open about 3 years and everything is immaculate, from the landscaping to the architecture and especially the museum.

The museum is nothing like you’d ever expect. They have all kinds of artifacts from the concert, paperwork setting it up, playlists, letters from artists, an old painted VW bus and bug, clothes from famous people, all kinds of cool items to look at and read about. But by far the coolest part of the museum is the fact that it’s mostly interactive.

There are a couple of viewing stations with short history lessons and songs, listening stations with every song played by every artist and a full indoor theater with a movie history of the concert. It’s all very impressive and the sound and visual quality is top notch. They have an event room inside and several classrooms downstairs. Of course they have a sweet gift shop with all kinds of souvenirs and awesome hippy clothes.

That’s just the inside. There are two stages outside, a small pavilion theater and the huge amphitheater which holds about 15,000 people. Crosby Stills and Nash, Dave Matthews, the Doobie Bros and Bad Company all put on concerts there since it’s been open, along with having a Woodstock festival with some of the original performers.

All in all this place is a must see for stoners and classic rock aficionados alike. The drive gives you plenty of time to get nice and baked before you go in and you can spend a long time with earphones on listening to the lineup from the concert. Here’s a link to the website and they’ll be listing the concert dates pretty soon so please go check this place out.

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Author: the white kid

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