My Legalization Fantasy: Cannabusiness of the Year

In the mad rush that accompanied the end of cannabis prohibition I would guess 420,000 new businesses were started.  This is not a new story in our world. Most of those businesses failed.  Lots of them were under-capitalized, which is always a problem in getting a new business off the ground.   Others were just bad ideas — contracts to tend your pot garden in your home?  Maybe, but the gaps of time between how often your gardener showed up, and whether you got the same one each time, left lots of room for things to go wrong.  Which they did.  Grow yer own and know yer plants still works best.  But there was that one idea . . . The Genie.
At heart it was a commercial grade vaporizer. It could move and heat a lot of air efficiently. It could vape a lot of cannabis quickly. The prototype had four out-ports, but could have more, many more if desired. And, considering its power, it ran very quietly. The engineer who built it used it at his home when he entertained guests. A friend of his friend brought a designer to one such party, and the two hit it off. The machine morphed into a piece of art, with lights and smoke. The it came back to that first engineer who, via a computer program, synched all the action to music. Genie was born. Everyone involved was very happy.

Genie, a registered trademark, is configured as a two output station for use in a home. Like a one-cup coffeemaker, it’s a vaporizer always ready to go. People build a nook somewhere out of the way and mount the home version of Genie permanently in place. They choose custom colors and designs, wrap artwork around the machine, or design their own artwork for their machine [very popular]. You can get Genie with a favorite college or pro team logo and use it to complement their game room decor. What the home owner wants, Genie can do. Considering what you get it’s not that expensive.

Commercial application of Genie is limited only by imagination. A dozen output stations; a dispenser of vapor bags so that each person gets their own personal, sanitary vapor bag each time they come to an out-port to fill their bag. Business-types own Genies tricked out to be appropriate for a formal / fraternal / erotic / whatever setting. They rent them to wedding receptions, private parties and the like. Some places will handle your whole party, including the Genie, provide the music and d.j., the food. Cannabis is readily available in most places. Competition is back where it should always have been — the quality of the pot, the authority of the stone.

One commercial grade of Genie hosts a lot of first-timer parties. That’s another successful business since re-legalization. There were a lot of people who were curious about cannabis but would not break the law, pre-re-legalization. Their curiosity is now being satisfied. Often on a cruise, or a weekend getaway with others sampling for the first time, in a nice environment with friends and like minded folks. Never deny the role of set and setting, yes?

At the top of the commercial heap are the Genies used in cannabis niteclubs. The franchised Viper Club has at least one smoke-easy in every state. Their whole presentation is built around a really powerful Genie machine, which branches into several rooms, each room decorated differently. That’s the standard layout at a Viper Club, anyway. Love that place.

My personal favorite is toker bowling. Under black lights. Like they do in Vancouver. There’s a Genie at each scoring table. Bring yer own.

[image: Google images dreams]

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Author: DavidB

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