My Legalization Fantasy: How Hemp Set America Free

The re-legalization of the cannabis plant began to pick up speed when what came to be called “the hemp miracle” took place.  Hemp stems are 80% hurds, which is a pulp by-product. Those hurds are 77% cellulose, and cellulose is the raw material used to create bio-diesel. Hemp in unmatched as a cellulose source.


A few years before re-legalization, for some reason, people were using corn — food — human food! — as the cellulose source for bio-diesel. What is especially stupid about this that corn demands the expense of fertilizers and pesticides.  Plus, diverting human food to use for fuel made the price of human food rise.  Thanks a lot.

But the cannabis plant came riding to the rescue. Grown for cellulose the hemp plant will produce anywhere from four to one hundred times the volume of biomass as any other annual cellulose plant. There is no diversion of human food, no need for fertilizers, no need for pesticides. Corn requires excellent soil. Hemp is happy with just enough dirt to hang on. In many places two hemp crops in one growing season are expected. So, a crop that grows itself on marginal soil stepped in to provide a bio-diesel source. America became energy-almost-independent. We can close that gap with conservation. The cannabis plant allowed America to stop buying Middle Eastern oil. Oh, that oil suddenly got real cheap. Too late, good-by.

Hemp for Victory, the hemp promotional film from WWII, went viral on YouTube. It became hard to find a copy of Reefer Madness. America became like Brazil — able to fuel itself. Brazil uses sugar cane for their bio-source, but they have been studying hemp. A plant that asks not much but gives much back is hard to resist.

And, one of these days we’ll finally figure out magnetism, or cold fusion, or whatever. There are plans to place a generator in the ocean, into the Gulf Stream, and harness that perpetual kinetic energy. There’s a lot of work before we get to that point. Till then our old friend, the cannabis plant, is here to help.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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