My Thoughts On The CollegeHumor’s Video “Don’t Legalize Weed!”

My thoughts on the CollegeHumor’s video “Don’t Legalize Weed!“. I don’t know what it was about this Sunday Funday, but we got a tons of people messaging us on tumblr. Lots of great random questions. One that really stuck out to me today was when an Anonymous asked…

What can you say about CollegeHumor’s video “Don’t Legalize Weed!” on Youtube? It’s funny, but they bring up some good points.

I had never seen the video before and was quite intrigued to see what they had to say. I’ve always liked the people at CH and thought they were funny. But this video to me was sort of a reach. A lot of there reasons were bad. I explained a few points of my own below.

1: Think about the people I don’t want to smoke with.

First off I will smoke with anyone until they become someone who is  unfun to smoke with it. I was that square guy, I’ve been the teenager before and I’ve smoked with plenty of parents. All of those things already happen with it being illegal. I don’t mind smoking with people who haven’t smoked before. I feel like they are lucky to be smoking with me because I know so much and will be able to help.

2: We will miss the drug dealers that will meet us somewhere or come to our house and the prices.

Those won’t go away at all. They might multiple because if weed is legal, then we can grow it and I’m sure more people will sell it. No pot head should ever complain about waiting in line to get any kind of marijuana like you would for alcohol. Plus the price has declined for one ounce of marijuana since the medical laws were passed (in Michigan).

3: Big grow farmers will take over.

Though many places would do this, there will still be a ton of individual growers out there growing some amazing pot.

4: Making weed legal would make it uncool.

I’ve never smoked a joint of weed because I thought it was cool.

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