Native Americans Legally Growing Cannabis

As cannabis moves mainstream, Native American communities are looking at what cannabis can do for their future.  Makes sense to me.


Last fall, the Department of Justice issued the Cole Memo, an agreement between the federal government and the states in which marijuana has been legalized, which restricts the feds from interfering with state marijuana laws as long as all eight regulations listed in the memo are followed. The Cole Memo also establishes the same agreement with Native American Tribes, instructing federal attorneys not to prosecute tribes who grow and sell marijuana on their sovereign lands.

The memo lists some guidelines that tribal groups and state governments must follow to prevent interference of the federal government in their activities, such as taking steps to ensure that marijuana is not sold to minors and that profits from the growing or sale of cannabis do not end up financing criminal organizations.

Since the information has been released, two tribes have decided to take advantage of this move by the federal government. Northern California’s Pomo tribe was the first, and has agreed to the development of a $10 million cannabis growing facilities together with United Cannabis. At the same time, the Red Lake band of Chippewa in Minnesota is discussing how they can transform some of their land into a marijuana farm.

While these two tribes are among the first to take action, they are far from being the only ones getting ready to cash in on the growth potential that legalized marijuana can bring. According to press reports, over 100 tribes are thinking of growing marijuana on their land.

Lots more detail at the complete original post WHICH IS HERE.

Look at the physical location of the native Pomo and you may get some idea why they are a logical fit for cannabis production.

[image: Google images “Pomo Indians”]

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