NBA Wrap: Ginobili’s Big night, Devean George holds up Kidd trade… and then plays horrible, Stan Van Gundy’s pep talk must have worked

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Spurs 112 – Cavs 105

Ok so you may want to send a message to Casino owners in Las Vegas. Manu Ginobili is planning on going there over the All Star weekend this weekend and he is on some kind of hot streak.

In their first return back to Cleveland since winning the NBA title there last year, the Spurs were lead by Ginobili’s 46 to a 112-105 victory over the Cavs. He had a particularly dominant fourth quarter. He had 18 points on 5/5 FG’s, 4/4 3 point FG’s, and 4/4 FT’s. Owned.

Heres some highlights:

Mavericks 96 – Trail Blazers 76

So the Jason Kidd talk didn’t seem to distract the Mavs, for the most part. They seemed very focused, for the most part. They all played well, for the most part. The other part of the Mavs though was Devean George who had his worse game of his career and had to deal with heckling fans all night. The only problem was that those were fans of his team.

Yesterday there was a lot buzz around the potential trade. The trade would’ve sent Jason Kidd to Dallas for Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, Devean George, DeSagana Diop and Maurice Ager. This in my opinion would’ve made the Mavs THE team to beat in the west. For right now it looks like the deal isn’t going to go down but we will see in the next few days.

All the trade talk and chants like “Quit being selfish,” and “We want Kidd,” must have been enough to make George finish with 0 points on 0/11 shooting. Thats not gonna make them want to keep you man. Good thing for the Mavs they have Dirk Nowitzki. He finished with 37 points and lead them to the 96-76 win over the Blazers.

Here is George saying “I’ll be the bad guy”:

Magic 109 – Nuggets 98

So after the Magic loss at home the other night to the , Stan Van Gundy felt that it was necessary to call out his star player Dwight Howard. He said to the media in a press conference that he needs to “concentrate more on defense and rebounding.” Van Gundy was criticized for this because Howard is only 22 and he is a nice guy and you’d think that this could potentially cause a problem.

Well apparently thats not the case. Howard is a professional and he showed it in last nights game against the Nuggets. Too bad for the Nuggets they had to catch the aftermath of Van Gundy’s comments.

Howard finished with 23 points, 24 rebounds and 2 blocks to push the Magic past the Nuggets 109-98. Afterwards, Van Gundy sarcastically said that the 24 rebounds was “ok” and that they were disappointed that he didn’t get 3 blocks. More motivation maybe?

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