NBA Wrap: Jason Kidd’s gets a triple double triple but not a win

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Bobcats beat the Nets at home

Before this game in Charlotte last night, Michael Jordan paid a visit to his troops and gave them a pep talk. Apparently it helped or maybe it was the fact that the Nets looked lethargic on defense and didn’t seem like they cared if they won the game or not. Whatever it was, the Bobcats beat the Nets at home last night 115-99. The win ended their 3 game losing streak and the Nets 5 game winning streak.

You can’t say that all of the Nets didn’t go hard though. Jason Kidd, who was sporting a pornstar-mustache look, recorded his third straight triple double for the first time in his career. Kidd finished with 13 points, 12 assists, 11 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block. He was all over the place but for the most part it was him against the Bobcats all by himself.

Jason Richardson scored 25 points in this one and Gerald Wallace had a double-double, 21 points 11 rebounds. They shot 58.7% from the floor too… Damn, Mike needs to come and talk to these guys more often.

Knicks score a rare road victory

Ok so the Knicks have now won 2 games on the road. James Dolan will probably give Isiah Thomas another contract extension.

Eddie Curry played well in front of his former home crowd, scoring 29 points leading the Knicks to a 105-100 victory in Chicago. This win snapped a 7 game losing streak for the Knicks. Jamal Crawford added 24 points in this one including this sick shake and bake move on Kirk Hinrich.

My goodness. Kirk Hinrich still doesn’t know which way Jamal Crawford went. It may have been a walk but oh well.

Durant goes down, so do the Sonics

For once, Lebron James didn’t have take over in the fourth quarter for the Cavs to win. He got to rest for the most part in the fourth quarter with about 8 minutes to go. James schooled Sonics rookie sensation Kevin Durant by scoring 22 points and leading his team to 95-79 win. This was their fourth straight win and their sixth win in their last seven games.

Durant had a decent game as well, scoring 24 points despite the fact that he didn’t score in the first quarter and left with about 7 minutes left after spraining his ankle.

“It’s feeling better,” he said. “I tweaked it earlier in the season, so I’ve kept a brace on it throughout the year. But I still managed to get it hurt a little bit. Hopefully, it will be OK tomorrow.”

He says that he should be ok but we will see what the doctors say. It didn’t look too serious so I don’t think it will be that serious but he does need to put on some weight or else this will be a continuing issue for him. Durant only weighs about 125 lbs and if he doesn’t bulk up, his bones will break like pretzel sticks.

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