NBA Wrap: Top 3 teams win. Pistons, Celtics and Spurs

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Skiles-less Bulls lose to the Spurs

The Bulls fired Scott Skiles on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas. I guess Santa must have given them coal for Christmas because their next game was against the Spurs. The Bulls didn’t stand much of a chance against the defending champs. Spurs cruised to an easy 94-79 win at home against the Bulls.

It was a tough first game for Bulls interim coach Pete Myers. Tony Parker had 28 points in the win. They didn’t even need Manu Ginobili, whos scoring a career high this season. He was out with a sprained left index finger.

The Spurs are on top of their game right now. You can’t beat them at home, they are 15-1 at home and 9-4 against teams with winning records.

Pistons all over the Nets at Izod Center

The Pistons were just being the Pistons all night last night against the Nets. The Pistons took their sixth straight victory, beating the Nets 101-83 in a lop-sided victory. Rasheed Wallace said, “we’re just hooping.”

Guys are just ready,” Wallace said.

Keep an eye on the Pistons this year. They’re already starting to pull away from the pack with superior defense, they are one of only two teams with an assist-turnover ratio higher than 2-1, and all 5 of their starters are averaging 10+ points per game. They may just be the top team right now.

Celtics win in Cali

The Celtics started off their current west coast trip with a 89-69 point win against the Kings last night. All that they really needed was their 33-5 second quarter run and they were able to take an easy win. They are going to have to try a lot harder to win a game against the some the elite west coast team though.

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