Nelson Busted For Pot And Fire Is Hot

I thought someone like Willie Nelson would get like a permanent “Get Out of Weed Jail Free” card, you know, like some sort of Ambassadorship of Ganja, but I guess not. Last Friday, Mr. Nelson was pulled over and searched by border patrol just outside of El Paso. Of course Willie was able to post bail and get out without actually visiting a cell or anything of that measure, but it sure does put a damper on the rest of your day right?

Nelson was stopped at the checkpoint about 9 a.m. Border Patrol agents searched Nelson’s tour bus and found the marijuana, which Nelson claimed was his, said Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West.

Why do police feel the need to harass people who are clearly not doing anything wrong. Who is surprised the Willie Nelson smokes weed? I’m not, and if you are then you’ve either been living under a rock or have no idea who Willie Nelson is. This is a great example of cops just looking for the easy bust and a lil something extra to put on the old resume.

In an exclusive to CelebStoner, Willie Nelson responded to his latest marijuana arrest in Texas by calling for a new political party: “There’s the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: We lean a little to the left.”

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    I was caught in that same county 2 years ago! The officer searching our car asked me if the Wasabi peas in the snack bag were illegal. hahah how ignorant. almost makes me sad to be from tx