Netherland Coffee Shops Have Small Impact On Smokers

Robert MacCoun, a researcher at University of California at Berkley gathered 40 years worth of Netherlands cannabis data of “prevalence, … patterns of use, treatment, sanctioning, process, and purity” compared to Europe and the U.S.

MacCoun concluded: “Dutch citizens use cannabis at more modest rates than some of their [European] neighbors, and they do not appear to be particularly likely to escalate their use relative to their counterparts in Europe and in the United States. Moreover, there are indications that rather than increasing ‘the gateway’ to hard drugs use, separating soft and hard drug markets possibly reduced the gateway.”

So basically where marijuana is legal for 18 and over citizens there really is no problems with it at all. Hey Mr. President and the government take a hint. We’ve known this for such a long time now. But the government is so old school and doesn’t want to lose out on being able to control every aspect of it. Legalize it and tax it, they will make more money than they are now.

The other great point is that the gateway theory is void. By separating soft and hard drugs it reduces the gateway to try them. Like the video after the jump, Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen owns FBI Director Robert Mueller on how wrong the gateway theory is.

Full story, “What can we learn from the Dutch cannabis coffeeshop system,” appears online in Addiction.

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